“Kustin, a political newcomer, said she is running because she believes in public education.

‘I’m a true believer in public school,’ Kustin said. ‘I think Henderson County is stronger when our public schools are stronger and I want to help make them stronger.’

With two young children who will be in the Henderson County public school system until 2037, Kustin said she wants to make sure students and teachers are getting the resources they need.

Kustin said that while she knows the board of education does not control paying teachers, she wants to be an advocate for teachers.

‘There’s money in Raleigh right now to make sure our schools are getting the funds they deserve and have deserved for the last two decades,’ Kustin said. ‘I think it’s very important and I want our school board to be standing up for that and getting the money where it needs to go in our school system.'” Read more here.