“I’m running for the Henderson County Board of Education by bringing to bear my experience as a mother, a youth sports coach, a math tutor and a public policy professional. My husband and I live in Hendersonville with our two young kids, and as a taxpaying mother of children who will be in our Henderson County Public Schools through 2037 I am invested in our schools…. I know my way around a budget. I know how to invest taxpayer dollars to get the biggest bang for your buck. And I get the importance of public education and its impact on our local economy. Study after study shows as I’m sure you all are aware that the return on investment in our public schools is positive. … I’ve been blessed to be able to live out my values through years of volunteer work and a career in the nonprofit sector. I am passionate about ensuring student success and that is why I’m putting kids, not politics, first. Henderson County wins when our schools win.” Read more here.